Spiritual Sunday 3

For every dark night, there is a brighter day

The clocks “fell” back last night (spring forward, fall back is the only way I remember this) and this means that the evenings will be darker earlier and this has been something I have not been looking forward to in the slightest.
One of the times I have most cherished since the mini’s started school and preschool has been our hour at the park after school.  This has been an excellent way of them running off all that excess energy.  Both boys are well behaved at school and seem to have a sudden burst of energy upon escaping.
I took the advice of a friend and great them with snacks and drinks and let them pound the park for at least an hour as long as it is not raining. 
With this in mind I have been dreading the clocks changing and have been needing to find a positive to cling too.  I came across the above quote by Tupac Shakur and it is so right, sometimes we need the contrast in our lives to help clarify things.
So our time at the park may be more fleeting, but soon people will start putting up the Christmas decorations and we can walk, talk, run and admire them all as we did last year and they will shine all the brighter in the dark evenings of winter.

3 thoughts on “Spiritual Sunday

  • bad penny

    That is beautiful. I quite like the darker evenings. I'm ok with the seasons & weather generally and never moan about rain or anything …it's not as if we can do anything about it !

  • SnafflesMummy

    spring forward, fall back is how i remember it too. At least lighter mornings make getting up easier

  • Zoe

    What we've done since the change is take a torch or headlamp out with us – my elder daughter LOVES this (maybe it won't last!) – there is something very exciting (even naughty?) about being out in the dark. Yep, we can't play so easily in the playground, but we can still go for walks.

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