Spiritual Sunday 1

My Home is a Peaceful Haven

I bless my home with love
I put love in every corner and my home lovingly responds with warmth and comfort
I am at peace

I was up really early again this morning, a mixture of insomnia and the minimads. MadDad gets a lie in on a Sunday, so I thought I would take one of my power thought cards and think positively about my home and the people in and around it.
We do love our home, it is full of memories and also possibilities of thinks to come. Take some time to think of your home this morning and about what feelings you want it to give out to you and people entering through the door. We are all products of our environment.
We call our home the mad house, due to the fact that 7 to 7 there is never a dull moment or really much quiet, but there is peacefulness, like now, The tumble dryer is on, the rain is hitting the conservatory roof, but we are are peaceful. Eldest Mad is reading, Youngest Mad is drawing, I am blogging and MadDad is sleeping – we are all at peace.