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Spiritual Sunday – Grateful

I spent a wonderful day yesterday with my Mum.  For the first time since she was in hospital in March we spend the morning  pottering round our local shops (yes I took and she filled my shopping trolley).  We then came back to themadhouse and spent an afternoon as a family.  So I thought a gratitude post was due.
Things I am grateful for
Sunshine – this makes such a difference to life, we shopped in town, hung washing on the line, went to the park and sat in the garden .
Mum feeling happier – even though mum is not physically any better, she is mentally on the mend, she was able to spend an hour at the park with the boys on her own and texted to say she had really enjoyed her day.
Mini in the Kitchen – I am grateful that my children enjoy helping me cook and bake, mini and I made garlic bread and pizza for dinner and had so much fun.
Painkillers – corny, but they really did save the day, making it much more tolerable for me.
Good neighbours – We found out that one of our neighbours are expecting their 5th child in October, how wonderful is that?  Plus they have a new greenhouse and offered us some space in it if we wish.
Mr Smudge – There is nothing like curling up and stroking him when the boys have gone to bed.
So my friends, what is making you grateful this beautiful Sunday?