Spiritual Sunday – Grateful

Maxi getting excited over playing with his Fun Domino’s (a christmas present)
I am grateful:
  • My wonderful Saturday lie ins and being woken by my boys with a cup of tea.
  • Living nearby the sea, I love the ever changing landscape the sea brings.
  • The crocus’ just poking out their green tips in next doors garden
  • Family dinners.
  • That my mums hand has healed well and that they have popped a fibre glass pop on which is much lighter for her.
  • That we have packed mums case and she is all set to go on holiday tomorrow
  • That the boys adore their cousins and spent a lovely afternoon with my Brother, SIL and Niece and us yesterday.
  • That my Farther In Law dropped off a sack of potatoes from the farm.
  • For my early morning Sunday cuddles with the mini’s whilst letting MadDad have a reciprocal lie in.
  • Music, my home is filled with all sorts of music at the moment the mini’s are singing Monkey Man and it is wonderful.
  • Baking.  The smell of food we have made cooking is just divine.
What are you grateful for this Sunday?

Mini chilling with music on my ipod!