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Spiritual Sunday – Nourishment

What feeds your soul?
What to you need to enable you to live everyday?
For me my family, my faith and my spirituality help me get through everyday, they help me find make some sense of the day to day struggles that we all call life.
For me affirmations play a big role in helping me find calm and serenity during the day. They help keep me focused, balanced and calm.  They also help me in exploring my thinking and expanding the way in which I approach issues that I have in my life.  They help nourish me both mentally and spiritually.
I am also trying to bring affirmations in the boys life.  Nothing scary, but basic affirmations, introducing confidence.
I am smart, I can do this
I am beautiful
I am a good reader
I am great at Maths
I am always doing the best I can
I am loved
I am unique
I am helpful
In helping them chose the affirmations for them, we have been working on keeping them concise, focusing on “I am” and making them positive.  They are really starting to work, it is wonderful listening to Mini tell me what a great reader he is or Maxi telling me how he is quiet in the line for lunch.
As the boys are now able to read we have printed these and others on to business cards and keep them in a small box.  When we hear the I cant word, then we tend to jump in with the affirmations, rather than the standard cant means wont.
What so you do to help your children believe in themselves and develop confidence?
How do you nourish your soul?