sponsored video – Avivia want to see what you have done to make your home extraordinary …. 3

Aviva are currently running a competition to win £5000. They want to know what you have done to make your home extraordinary. Now I could never live up to the two old chaps in the video below (please do watch it as it melted my heart a little and will hopefully make you smile too and is only a minute long).  They are looking for people around Britain who have done something extraordinary to their homes.  To enter all you have to do is post a short video clip or even just a photograph on their facebook page alongside a description of what you have done to your home and why.   Find out more about Aviva Extraordinary Homes.

I wanted to show you something in my house which made an extrordinary differnce to my kitchen and to my time in it with my boys. Let me introduce you to our art corner.

I wanted to show you that something small could make a major difference to a home and the way it works.  We have a witching hour in The Mad House.  That time when I am making dinner and all the boys want is my attention.  So I decided to move their tiny table (which is from Ikea and only cost 11.99) and coat the top with blackboard paint.  In fact everything I used was from Ikea and cost next to nothing.  The artwork is hung using a Dignitet tension wire (£8.99 each) and the rail and pots were from Ikea too.

Sometimes extraordinary doesn’t have to mean expensive or extreme.  For me bringing the children in to the room I was in enabled me to get on with making the dinner, give them attention and also give the,m a place to be creative too.  It was extraordinary for me as it worked.