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Sport, the Olympics and a giveaway

My boys love sport, they love watching, they adore competition and they like exhilaration of winning.  There is nothing wrong with that in my eyes.  Both of the boys have been brought up to understand that if you give 100% and then lose, then that is great.  Winning is fantastic, but it is all about the effort you put in and about having fun.

Both of the boys are so inspired by the Olympics.  I am swept up on the wave with them.  We have medal charts and memory stones.  We are busy making a scrap book.  They play out with the other children and instead of being a famous footballer, they are Mo Farrar or Sir Chris Hoy.  They are inspired and the Olympics have introduced them to some bloody fantastic role models.  I know that the Paraolympics will do more of the same in spades.

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Mini is currently sleeping with his Guinness Book of Records and wants one for the Olympics, so when I was offered a set of 3 Multimedia iBooks (books for iPads) from The Amazing People Club  about The Olympics and London, Amazing Olympians Volume 1,  Amazing Olympians Volume 2  and Amazing People of London I was delighted.

I also have a set of three books to give away to a reader of Mum in the Mad House.

To enter this fantastic competition and continue that Olympic magic with your children, please complete the Rafflecopter form below:

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