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15 Spring outdoor activities for kids

Oh I adore Spring.  The lighter nights, the warmer days and the promise of things to come.  We are a pretty active family and the boys take the opportunity of lighter night to play outside.  In fact they don’t come home until we go find them and can often be found playing football under the light of a street lamp.   But for those of you with kids that are reluctant to leave the warms and familiarity of the screen for outside play here are some  great spring activities.

15 outdoor spring activities

15 Spring outdoor activities for kids



  1. Kite Flying from KC Adventures
  2. Seed planting from learning and exploring through play
  3. Paint  and install a bird house by Seasoned Mom
  4. Mud paint from Learn, Play , Imagine
  5. Cutting the grass by Simple Fun for Kids
  6. Make a rain catcher by me
  7. Hiking tips for kids from KC Adventures
  8. Outdoor sand play from Little Bins for Little Hands
  9. Collect and make stick people from Danya Banya
  10. Puddle jumping from Fireflies and Mud Pies
  11. Outdoor flower hop from Learn, Play Imagine
  12. Paint a puddle by Simple Fun for Kids
  13. Go on a Spring colour hunt by me
  14. Collect stones for making pet rocks my me
  15. Make a rainbow windsock by My little three and me

If you like these and are looking for more spring activities take a look at our Spring bored jar.

15 spring outdoor activities for kids


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