Spring clothes for boys 18

Oh how do I adore the lighter nights and warmer days  It makes going outside so much more fun.  I am currently working with Melijoe, a fab website filled with wonderful kids clothes and here are the MiniMad’s picks for spring clothes for boys.

spring picks for boys

Spring Clothes for Boys

As a mum it is important for me for my boys to be comfortable, wear clothes that are serviceable and that last.  However, this isn’t alway what they look at, so I thought it would be fun to see what they would choose.

So the MiniMad’s and I sat and took a look through the Melijoe website and the boys picked what they would like and told me why.  So this is curated especially for you by the boys aged 8 and 9.

Maxi “We need waterproof coats, but not thick ones as we don’t want to get hot, just be protected from April showers”

Mini “I need joggy pants as you don’t shout at me if they get muddy”  Me –That is because Jogging and sweat pants are much easier to clean the mud out off

Maxi “We need trainers for flaying football in” Mini “but we also need wellies to keep our feet dry in the rain”

Mini ” long sleeved tops are great too, it is too cold for t shirts and we don’t have to wear a jumper with these”

See if you can tell which side is Maxi’s and which side of outfits Mini picked!


Oh and you wonder why we call the boys “noise with muck on”!