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Spring Manifesto 2012

Spring has sprung and I have to admit that Spring makes my heart leap a little and me feel so much better.  I adore Spring, there is something about this time of year, about the potential that Spring brings.  Buds, just waiting to burst in to life, lambs about to be born and the clocks about to spring forward too.  The air is filled with so much possibility.

Before I go in to my Spring Manifesto, I should review my Winter manifesto.  Overall I have been pretty pleased with what I have accomplished making sure that we go to the park has been artificial for both the boys and me, they get to run off their energy and I get the sunlight that I so crave.  The raised beds are all ready for planting,  days out have been taken each weekend (health permitting) and we have even managed to paint the sitars and the crudy.  We are still on the decluttering kick (these things always take longer than anticipated).  I am backing up my data regularly (preen) and certainly getting my crafting back on.

I haven’t managed to start Pilates yet, although I have found a class as there was no spaces, so here hoping this will happen in Spring, but I have taken up swimming when the boys have their lessons (I feel better and am not moaning about being (delete as appropriate) hot, board, melting, board, sick of swimming lessons.

Cherry tree that we bought after mum died

  • Do my crossstich on an evening (I have found that I need natural light for it to be relaxing)
  • Keep up with going to the park with the boys after school
  • Invite the mums round for coffee once a week after school drop off
  • keep on taking a photo a day, use my perpetual journal/calender and make a journal
  • Sow some seeds and plant early new potatoes and onion sets
  • Try saying yes for a change 
  • Get my bike out of storage and go on a family bike ride
  • Have dinner with my brother and family

Do you have plans for Spring?

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