Back to school Blog Linky – Stationery 3

back to school blog linky
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You can not have a back to school linky without talking about stationery.  Even as an adult my favorite part of back to school is new stationery!  My boys are not allowed to take stationery and pens to school, but it doesn’t mean that I have failed to introduce them to the joys of new stationery and the joyous first blank page of a new note book.  Mini and I recently went back to school stationery shopping at Asda (you can see more pictures of our adventure on my Google+ page) where we got some handwriting pens, pencils, highlighters, ruler and pencil case.  The boys are going to keep these at home for their homework.

baclk to school personalised notebooks
We recently went on our road trip with Cass and the Mini Frugals and I decided to have a go at making personalised notebooks fo0r us and I used school exercise books.  I have lots and lots of Washi tape and thought that this was a great way of using some of it.
  1. On a sheet of white paper I laid strips of washi tape ion my chosen colour options.
  2. I then used my Cricut Mini to cut out the letters, but you could use a scalpel to cut them out.
  3. I added some glue to the rear of them and stuck them in the centre of the notebook.
The children loved them and I think it is great to have your own personalised notebook to record your feels on.  This would make a great way of personalising books, files and all sorts of other back to school stationery too.
Stationery Memories
As a child there was nothing I loved more than back to school stationery. I adored getting my pencil case ready and I remember having one that zipped up round the outside and held my pens, pencils and also my maths instrument set too.  I was never one of those girls that had an eraser collection, but remember looking at them longingly when the other girls got all theirs out!
I used to cover my exercise books with wallpaper or wrapping paper and then cover them with clear sticky back plastic contact paper to ensure they kept clean.  I remember looking at scientific calculators thinking that I would never learn to use all the buttons and the astonishment when I started to actually get what each one was for.
Oh and the joy of finding just the right nib for my fountain pen as we had to write in ink at my school.  I used to try to tear up my blotting paper so that it was all the same size and it used to annoy me when it was all different sizes.  Will my children even know what blotting paper is?
Oh yes, I still love September and stationery to this day.  How about you?
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