Stay wonky 2


Every now and then I see something that speaks to me.  Often it is shoes!  However, when I saw this fantastic Manifesto letterpress print a long time ago by Aardvark Printmongers, I just knew I had to have it.  But……………  I had know where to put it, until the amazing husbeast painted our bedroom and hung a shelf above the bed and it is the perfect place, for the perfect manifesto for us as a couple.

bedroom shelvesIt is there to remind me I need to switch off the electronics and join in.  It also echo’s things that we find important as a family, such as speaking out and being honorable.  But even better, it says it is OK to stay wonky and this is something I have and always will be!

It looks perfect next to my family carving from South Africa and the brilliant drawing of Maxi and Mini baking,  which Suzie drew.