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Staying Active as a Working Parent – The Joys of a Standing Desk

Staying Active as a Working Parent is a paid collaborative post with Ergo Desks. Any working mother knows the difficulty in staying active – excluding chasing the little ones around! From the minute we get up in the morning, we have to start getting the kids ready for school, then work an entire shift, and by the time the children are ready for bed, we can too tired to get some exercise in!

Standing desks are a novel solution to make sure you can fit at least a little exercise and fitness work into your typical working day. Here are two key reasons why adjustable electric standing desks are perfect for busy parents.

Keeping Your Spine Aligned

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t arguing that a standing desk will be the equivalent of getting a gym session in every time you use it! After all, that would probably defeat their entire purpose of being used while you work. Nonetheless, being up on your feet does bring tangible benefits to health and fitness.

Staying seated all day can have a really negative effect on our spines! After all, even with ergonomic chairs, we tend to slouch, which leaves our spine in a tangle. Not a problem in the short term, but it regularly builds up to causing back pain – not helpful when you have a night of chasing toddlers around.

Standing up at your desk demands that you stay upright, promoting good posture and ensuring your back stays in a strong, healthy position. So whether you are looking to keep back pain at bay or reduce the pain you are already suffering, an adjustable electric standing desk is for you.

Staying Focused

Parents have a lot of responsibilities (I call it Momotony)! You have to work out something to make for dinner that everyone will eat, get through that mounting pile of washing, and find the time to get your child to football practice! It’s no wonder focusing on your day job can be a challenge.

One surprising but commonly reported effect of adjustable standing desks is increasing focus. You’d be amazed how much your body language and posture dictate how your brain operates, and standing up with your back straight can keep your mind on the task at hand!

So whether family responsibilities are distracting you at the office or a busy house keeps you from focusing on all the work you have to get through while working from home, try switching to an adjustable standing desk.

Choosing Your Standing Desk

If any of the benefits listed above seem attractive to you, we have good news – there is a huge range of premium adjustable standing desk options available to suit all needs, budgets, and tastes.

The Atlas Electric Standing Desk from Ergo Desks is a fantastic all-rounder, with a huge variety of top finishes and base colours to pick from!

If space is a bit more restricted, such as when you need to fit it into a small area at home, the Altitude Standing Desk is a great option designed to be compact and easily assembled.

For those of you who can never have enough space to work with, the Atlas Corner Electric Desk is a large adjustable standing desk with a vast workspace to accommodate any amount of equipment, papers, and coffee mugs!

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