Stocking filler ideas


hawkins B mithemadhouse

Now that Halloween is out of the way, I am turning my attention to Christmas. Yes, yes, I know there’s still the best part of two months to go but you can never be too prepared. Plus, with my two boys, I need to grab every single shopping opportunity I can get!

Are there any other parents out there who find it’s the little things that make the difference at Christmas? Thankfully, my boys are past the stage where the packaging is more appealing than the present, but last year I found that they were more interested in the yo-yo they got in a Christmas cracker, than the heaps of expensive gifts they received.

That’s why this year I am on the hunt for lots of unusual little gifts that Santa can pack their stockings with. According to The Guardian, online shopping sales will break the ten billion pound mark this year, so many retailers are competing with each other to provide the best deal. So, I’ve been having a look online to see what bargains I can find. Here are my favourite stocking fillers:

Pooping sheep

While I was searching, I stumbled across the Hawkins Bazaar website. I would never normally look there, as I always thought their stuff was mainly suited for teenagers, but they have a great range of children’s stocking fillers.

One item that really stood out for me was the pooping sheep – I just know my two will love this fun bit of toilet humour. Press down the sheep’s body and it will release a yummy sweet while bleating ‘Baa Humbug’. I can’t see the sweets lasting long in my household though, so I may have to purchase a refill!

Personalised sweet jars

Speaking of sweets, my two boys always get a load of them off aunties, uncles, grandmas – everyone! Normally, there’s always a mix up over who’s eaten what and a big drama over which selection box is Maxi’s and which is Mini’s.

That’s why I think these clever personalised sweet jars are a great stocking filler. They will help prevent any wars breaking out on Christmas day, and will be a handy way of monitoring their treat intake during the year.

I always think that eBay is full of people’s old clothes and broken unwanted items. However, I do like some of the personalised stocking fillers they have on offer.

Masterpiece stamp

I love to see my kids getting creative and often hang their artwork around the house. However, it can get a little tricky trying to remember which one of my Picasso’s painted what. While I was looking on Not On The Highstreet’s site, I spotted this clever ‘Masterpiece by’ stamp.

You can personalise this with your child’s name and it will be a great finishing touch to both Maxi and Mini’s drawings. Who knows – these signed paintings may be worth something in the future!