Stocking fillers for six and seven year old boys

Both the boys have stockings that I made for them when they were first born and each year I fill them with an assortment of items.

So my top tips for stocking fillers this year are:

Playmobil Fi?ures (£1.97)

What can I say you can never have too much Playmobil!

Magic Spring £1.49 – Yellow Moon

Perfect for children of any age.  My boys love watching it spring itsr way down the stairs!  Size 75mm

Notebooks by Jennie Maizels £3.99











We are huge fans of Jennie in the Mad House.  Mini is a big fan of her London range and her notebooks are fab.  Great quality and super designs, plus free postage in the UK.

Speed Racer Sets – !1.49 Yellow Moon

Fab mini construction sets from Yellow Moon, which are easy to assemble and really great value for money.

Stabilo Pens

We particularly love the EASY Original pen (£6.99) which is designed to aid children learn to write with easy to grip areas and specifically for left handers or right handers.  We have loved these pens so much that I went out and bought the boys an EASYergo pencil (£6.99) each.  The boys have found them very easy to grip and use.

Lush Fun £5


Fun is a dough/soup that is moldable, you can play with it, wash with it, shower with it or  use it to wash your hair.  It smells divine and is super fun.  My only issue is that it has SLS in, so is not ideal for any children with eczema   Maxi has used it in moderation.

Hexbug Warriors £7.99

I have never really understood Hexbugs.  The boys have some but only played with them occasionally, however, they adore these new Hexbug Warriors.  I think it is something to do with the competitive nature of boys!  Yes they are more expansive than the standard bugs, but you get a little mini arena and parts that can be added or removed from the bugs and these are interchangeable.  We have one each (yes I have one too) and we play with them a lot.

Horrible Histories Vile Villains £7.99

Now the box says age 8+ however, Mini is six an d love this game.  It is based on the bestselling Horrible Histories books study the facts on a card for ten seconds, then answer a question correctly to keep the card! Contains 54 picture/question cards, timer and dice.  Even better you can play it on your own.

Other items that go in every year are:

Chocolate coins, a toothbrush, a mandarin, marbles, torches, top trumps, gloves, socks, temporary tattoos (Oh how I wish I could get Jennie Maizels to make some) and lip chap.