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Stockings, not on your life, I had a pillow case

Growing up, I never had a stocking, oh no I had a pillowcase that we could hang downstairs for Father Christmas to leave our gifts in.  Yes all our gifts pretty much fitted in to a pillowcase, except for the large ones, like my Sindy house (which was pre loved and already assembled and covered in a bed sheet.   This was something that carried on for me until Maxi was born when I made a Christmas Stocking for him and the following year when I made one for Mini too

So when Idealo, a UK based price comparison website asked me what I would buy for one of the boys with £75 for their Christmas presents, it reminded me of my childhood growing up and I accepted the challenge.

Why £75?  Well Idealo have discovered the average spend of parents on their children at the festive period is now £168, whilst in 1995 it was only £75.

So they challenged me and other bloggers to put together our christmas list for one child for £75 and I decided to do one for Mini, so here is what I chose and why.

Dragon Hama bead box set £8.95

Mini loves all things crafty, but to be honest Hama beads have passed us buy and I thought that this selection would really excite him as he loves Dragons.  Merry from Craft Merrily suggest this as the perfect set for a 5 year old lad, plus they are great for improving manual dexterity and hand eye co-ordination.

LEGO Creationary Game £22.40

We are huge LEGO fans and we have this on the Ipad and thought it would be fantastic to play together as a family.  We hvae lots of LEGO games and find them to be perfectly suited to us and the boys.  Plus we can always make up our own rules too.

LEGO City Truck £19.97

Mini is particular loves LEGO City, he has great fun building it with MadDad, sometimes this can take a few nights, but then he really plays with the sets once they are constructed.  We have the airport and I thought this would be the perfect companion.

Wheres the Doctor book £4.49

Mini adores Wheres Wally and we have all the books and he loves Dr Who too, so this is pretty self explanitory really.

Boys activity book £3.99

Dark nights over winter time often means books, puzzels and crafting for us, so I hoped that this would be really interesting for MIni.  His reading skills are great and I wanted to keep him occupied.

LEGO mini figures magnet kit £2.50

Can a boy ever have enough LEGO?

Bike horn £3.00

Mini is now riding his bike pretty efficiently without staibilizers and loves these old fashioned horns, so I though this would be a perfect small gift for him.

In total I spent just under £75.00 and I think that I got quite a large and varied selection for him, but I can see how parents would spend a lot more, especially when it comes to the cost of electronics and games.  I tend to buy small things throughout the the year for the boys and I also ban TV with adverts during the build up to the festive period, as otherwise all I would hear is “Mummy, I want that”.

Did you have a stocking as a child?  Do your children have one now?

Disclosure: Idealo purchased the items on my gift list for me for Christmas


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