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Stone crafts and activities – Something for the weekend

stone art, crafts and activities

Stones and sticks, there us something about my boys and these materials. We seem to collect these “treasures” wherever we go and I have to make sure I empty trouser pockets before washing them or I would be busy washing stones too!

{How to} Make a stone Tic Tac Toe or noughts and crosses Game

tic tac toe

We are big fans of simple games and often play noughts and crosses or tic tac tow on paper, but we recently had a go at making a game from some stones we had collected and a wooden cheese board.


  1. Stones
  2. Black Sharpie and White marker
  3. Tape
  4. Wooden board

How to make it.

As the boys wanted to make our with me, I oped for as simple as possible and marked out the board using tape.  I will change this for paint when I have more time.

We simply drew either an X or an O on the stones.

This has been in our living room for over a month now and it played with a lot.  So many visitors have commented on it and asked where they can get their own version!

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Go on a Stone Hunt

stone crafts, art and activities

We often go on little mini adventures (walks) and my boys always collect treasure.  I adore this idea of a nature walk with alphabet rocks.  Or you could use the walk to talk about the different type of rocks.

Crafts with Stones

pet rocks

There are so many fantastic crafts that you can do with stones such as pet rocks which is something the boys love to make.  I love the idea of making a set of alphabet rocks or using them as plant markers.  If you dont want to get the paint out, why not try these wax rocks, which are stunning.   You could also use your stones to make art too like these at Zing Zing Tree.  If you find a precious stone then why not turn it into a stone necklace.

Activities with Stones

memory stones

If you already have lots of stones in your house then it is time to get active with them.  I love Nurturestore’s stone cairns or you could have a go at scooping and selling with your rocks.  You could use them for spelling or story telling.  We use our stones to record memories.  Rocks and stones are also perfect for sensory play.

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