With children around the house, it is difficult to keep your antiques and collectables in one piece. Especially if said collectables are of the smaller variety. The collection of Eddie Stobart lorries I have is at a real high risk from the children. The livery is so distinctive and recognisable to the children, plus the lorries are much more interesting (and bigger) than their toy cars!

The Eddie Stobart models can cope with a little bit of play though, even if it means hawklike surveillance. As long as they are following the “roads” on the carpet floor and do not have to tackle any jumps or perilous cliff edges on their journeys, there is not really any problem with them being used. 

atlas editions

The Atlas Editions Eddie Stobart model lorries that I collect have functioning movable wheels with real rubber tyres and are die cast metal, making them sturdy enough for most of what the children can throw at them. The only potential weak spot is detaching and reattaching the trailer, heavy handedness is a big no-no here!

Thankfully, if the lorries are in harm’s way, they can be safely stationed on the display plinth Atlas Editions provide with every model. Although even the box the models come in are very attractive to the children, they are styled like a Eddie Stobart trailer.

The model lorries have so much detail on them and clearly well made, that perhaps why both I want them to be safe and the children prefer them to the cheap toy cars they have. Showing the children the certificate of authenticity that comes with the lorry models I think impresses them – if only a little and for a little while, and does make them the tiniest bit more careful!

I’m not as brave with all my collectables, the Atlas Editions Shergar model I have is firmly out of the children’s reach. The Shergar model and the rest of the race horse collection are just too detailed to risk!