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I have been tagged again (January must be the month of tags) by Fraught Mummy from Brits in Bosnia for her Stories and Songs me me.  Now there is no way I could single this down to one song.  I love music almost as much as I love photo’s and I actually categorise times of my life by certain songs and music.
So here goes:

Courting MadDad – The WonderStuff, Hot Love now 1994

1994 was a wonderful year for me and MadDad. We decided to get together in February and a whirlwind romance followed, where we did all the festivals and spent the year camping at weekends and visiting parts of the UK that we fancied, whilst deciding to get married.
It was a perfect year, well it seems that way when I reminisce, all our camping gear in the back of the Citron AX, hot sunshine, windows down, radio or tape on at full blast and this song just typifies it for me.  We saw them live at Phoenix and it was a blast!

It wont let me embed the video, but play it loud!
One memory that really sticks with me from this time, is don’t make love in a tent with the light on inside, especially a tiny two man done tent [blush]!!

My Dad Dying – Moving on Up, M People 2001

My dad loved M People, he though Heather Small was wonderul and had a fab voice. This was his favorite song and infact me favorite song ever.

We played it in the church at his funeral and just listening to it makes me smile.  It used to make me cry, but with time that has changed and now it is just perfect.

MaxiMad –  Wires, Athlete 2005

I often wished there was a song for Maxi’s birth, but I had a terrible time in the hospital for a week before it and then a crash section, so have kind of blocked it all out.
But he was very unwell when he was 4 months old and we nearly lost him and this song says it all really.  I love it and hate it in equal measures

We bought their album Tourist in the February when I was pregnant, but this song didn’t hold any meaning until that fateful day and it was playing in the car, as we rushed him to the hospital with the on call GP in the car with us (there wasn’t time to even call an ambulance).

MiniMad 2006 – Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol 2007

Again I had a pants week in hospital and section for mini, but we were a little more prepared this time and Eyes Open their album was playing in the theatre and specifically chasing car was playing.

it was also the first song that played when we put him in the car to bring him home!
Now I could go on and on and on, but I will leave it there.  Believe it or not I have already picked the music that will be played at my funeral too!!
Now for passing it in, Fraught Mummy said anyone can do this one, but I will pass on to:

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Anyone else that gives it a go, let me know and I will add you too.


10 thoughts on “Stories and Songs MeMe

  • Geriatric Mummy

    Oooh loving this one ! Some great choices there Mrs 🙂 I will have a think…decisions, decisions…I could be some time x

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    I LOVE hearing the stories behind the songs that people pick. Some good choices here. Am going to put them on whilst I cook dinner and think of your tales. Thanks for taking the meme on. x

  • Sew Scrumptious

    I love all those songs! I've seen the wonderstuff live loads of times and they really remind me of my youth!! Saw Athlete at V festival and they were brilliant too. Love their first album especially and that wires song always makes me want to cry. I want to do this me me too. Can you add me to your list please??! Off to check out my favourite songs on u tube…

  • Michelle

    Lol at you in the tent!! I have no idea who Athlete are (I am sooo out of touch!) so will have a play now. Mich x

  • geekymummy

    Love M people! My memory that goes with the sing is very different; me my sister and our best friend dancing insanely to it in acrowd if sweaty half naked gorgeos gay men at "heaven" nightclub in the early 1990s. Thanks for the memory, and for sharing your songs.

  • bad penny

    Blimey there are more tags flying around Blogland than in a school playground !

    Lovely selection ( how do you get the whole You Tube link with the picture ?- I only ever get to paste the url )

    I have chosen the music for my funeral too and the words for the announcement in the paper
    " Please only attend if you REALLY liked me "

    I will have a good think about this Jen xx

  • houndini

    I am a musician – and indeed am training to become a music therapist – so I know the beauty and power of music all too well. Lovely choices – thanks for sharing them. X

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