Summer Clothes for boys 24

We are back this month with our summer picks from the fab website. The Mini Mads have had a good browse of the website and here are their choices. The boys are ten and nearly nine and have distinct personalities, so see if you can tell who picked which sets!

Summer picks

Summer Clothes for Boys


As a mum there are a few things that I look for in summer clothes, so I thought I would share with you my top tips for picking summer clothes for kids.

I love unique clothes and the brighter the better for me.  Places are often really busy in the summer, so if the boys stand out that suits me fine!

I need clothes that wash and wear.  No matter what clothes we buy I can guarantee that the kids will wear the same sets over and over again.  They have their favorites!

Cotton is king in the summer, kids sweat and clothes that breath are so important.

When it comes to summer shoes, just make sure that your kids can put on and take off by themselves.

I am a big fan of quality clothes that can be  worn by more than one child.  Lots of the outfits that we bought for Maxi have been worn by Mini and then passed on to my best friend who has four boys.  So they have been worn by six kids sometimes, making their cost per wear negligible.

Are your kids at the age where you can pick their clothes or are they like my boys and want to make the choices themselves?