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Summer Holidays so far in Instagram

We are busy making the most of the summer holidays, so I thought I would do a collage in Instagram showing what we have been filling our days with:

Left to right

  1. Visiting A&E for bumps on the head
  2. Wearing yellow sandals
  3. Rock climbing (Maxi)
  4. Enjoying fish finger wraps with Clarence
  5. Temporary tatoos
  6. Water beads
  7. Scooter Races with Frugal Family
  8. Rock climbing (Mini)
  9. Street cricket
  10. Preparing for the Tots100 Home challenge Garden Edition
  11. Taking refreshments
  12. Having blood taken (yep I am anemic again)
  13. Cleaning car seats
  14. Zip wiring
  15. Beach days
  16. Football Mom!

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