Summer Holidays – The write way! Bookmaking with Children 3

This week we are going to make our own book.  There are lots of ways to do this and it can be very simple such as a number of pages just folded and staples or you can use padding compound and make your own notebook.

Daffodil Lane uses office binder rings to make a nature journal.  I love this idea for a book of the holidays as you can add to it and punch important souvenirs like ticket stubs to keep.

A really simple but effectve way to make a book is to make an accordian book.  Bird and Little Bird has a fantastic tutorial an accordion book.

Planning on taking your books out with you, then I love these mini clipboards from Let’s Explore, which are so simple to make and can be make to suit little hands too.

A adore these very professional looking paper books from Plum Pudding.  You could make these any size or even make a mixture of sizes.  Perfect for scribblers, spellers and storytellers alike.

These homemade childrens books by Lovely design look shop bought and are so simple to make.

If you are not up to making a book, then why not customise a book you already have.  iHanna shows you how to make patchwork book covers.  All you need is paper, glue and notebooks and scissors.

Perfect for small hands, these mini books by glittergoods can be customised to fit every sized hand.

What a fab way to use a map of an are you are planning travelling too.  This Mini travel journal would go down well here.  Take a look at the tutorial by Zen Crafting.

OK so what are we going to do once we have our books?  We are going to fill them with interesting things from our days.  What did you do this weekend?


Print out some photo’s of things you have done this past week and let your child lose making there marks on them.  Stick them in your book.  Why not draw a picture of where you have been or your favorite food from a place you have visited.


Again print our photo’s, keep ticket stubs and other things from your days out and get your little speller to pop them in their book along.  Get them to make a note of the date and the places you have been.  Encourage them to draw pictures of their favorite thing to do on a specific day.

Story Tellers

For children with more advanced skills ask them to write about the things they have been doing.  Give them prompts in their books.  The coolest thing I did today was: My favorite meal of the day was:  What was in my bag today: