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Summer Holidays – The write way!

This summer is going to be the summer of writing at The Mad House and we would like you to join us.  I have blogged about encouraging and nurturing writing in boys and why writing is so important.  Good writers make good readers and vice versa, but good writers also make great students.  The speed and ease or children’s writing has been found to gave an impact on children’s success.  Efficient writing (legible, almost effortless and quick flowing) helps ensure that children’s pencils can keep up with their thoughts.

So the plan is to have weekly tasks and to make time to do them in our days.  They are going to be both fun and enjoyable and something that we can do as a family and I would love for you to join in with us.

Create a writing Center 

Our goal is to encourage independent and unprompted writing and by creating a well stocked and inspiring space for our children we are helping them be spontaneous:

Recommended materials

  • A variety of writing papers, including note books, lined paper, their own letterhead and comic strips
  • Post cards
  • Envelopes
  • Address labels
  • Pens and pencils
  • stamps
  • An alphabet chart for younger learners
On the Sunday of each week, I will give you a list of things that we are planning to do that week and some ideas of ways to encourage your young writers.  I want to try and inspire you to get started and to find the emerging writers and story tellers in your family.

I would love for you to get involved and if you have any ideas, then please do leave me a comment below with your hints and tips.

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