Summer Manifesto 2012 11

Apparently it is summer.  Well I know it is as Mini is a mid-summers baby, born on the 24 June.    However, it really doesn’t feel like summer to me.  Normally we would be packing our bags to go to the beach after school, whilst all we seem to do is dodge the rain, floods and puddles.

First of all I should review my Spring Manifesto.  I did OK, managing the cross stitch and park, even with a broken arm.  The bike rides didn’t happen, but I think I will carry that forward to the summer one.  Family meal did happen and was wonderful, reminded me we should do it more often.  I didn’t pluck up the courage to invite the mums over for tea, might move that to the Autumn one.  We will be having potatoes for dinner next week!

So onward and upward, as they say

  • Get my bike out of storage and go on a family bike ride
  • Take the boys camping
  • Book a adult learning course for September, probably something creative
  • Sow seeds for autumn planting
  • Make Mini’s quilt
  • Make a start on the Hexy MF quilt
  • Declutter the boys toys with them
  • Take all the clutter to a boot sale
  • Book some family days out
  • Have a picnic with the boys at least once a week, come rain or shine
  • Find a new park to play in each week over the holidays
  • Join the library reading program with the boys over the holidays
  • Find out all the free holidays events on in the region to visit with the boys.

I would love to know your plans for the summer and remember if you are short of ideas, I have a new e-book Frugal and Fun:Enjoying the holidays the thrifty way.