Summer Manifesto 2013 2

The sun has been shining, so I do not think that I am tempting fate too much by posting this years Summer Manifesto.  This is my personal Manifesto and a family one will be posted when I can tie the boys down long enough to discuss one!

It has been nearly two years since I started doing seasonal quarterly manifestos and they have been positively transformational.  I can look back at my plans, they are achievable, measurable, specific and do not leave me feeling as though I have mountains to climb.  They give me the opportunity to review my short term goals and aims.  They enable me to focus on living in the moment whilst still looking forward.

Firstly I need to review my spring manifesto 2013

  • Sow some seeds for the raised beds.  MadDad is the green fingered one, but I do love plotting and planning with him – Done, we have potatoes, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, sprouts and lettuce all planted.
  • Get on my bike.  I still haven’t felt able and I really want to join the boys on theirs this spring – Still to do 
  • Take more photographs with all of us in.  I need to make a conscious effort to get in the picture.  I have even bought a remote control for the camera – I really need to focus on this more, so will be putting this on the summer list 
  • Take the boys to park after school now the weather is improving – Done on a regular basis, this is something that we all benefit from 
  • Sort out the conservatory/playroom.  The train table is about to collapse and we need to find some new storage for board games and a coffee table on a very tight budget. – Done, we kept an eye on ebay and found the perfect table! 
  • Keep sewing and book some more day courses – Sewing is my me time and I am doing another day course on Saturday 

maxi slide

Summer Manifesto 2013

    • Continue to find time for the things I enjoy whilst the boys are off school – sewing etc.  I am going to try some English paper piecing as it is portable so I can do it if we are at the park etc.
    • To go out more as a family.  Getting Alvin is all part of this plan and seems to be working up till now.
    • Make a family summer bucket list.
    • Practice my crochet.  After over two years of trying I think I might have cracked it!  I made a coaster!
    • Menu plan – Menu planning save me money, time, effort and makes us all happier.  This is something that has slipped recently, so I am going to endeavor to do this weekly.
    • Declutter.  Both the boys want their bedrooms changing round, so I’m going to do a boot sale and also clear the garage over the summer (yes, really!).
    • Go camping with the boys .
    • Realise that we do not have to have a strict summer schedule to enjoy the summer.  I want the boys to get board and learn to make their own entertainment.
    • Get fitter and healthier. Lose weight and exercise more.  I know that small changes can make a big difference.  I am looking at investing in some fitflop shoes from Shoetique in the hope that they help my back and improve my balance (which is something that has been out pretty much since I had the mastectomy.
    • To turn off more.  Less electronic time, more family time.
    • Have a family picnic once a week.  There is nothing wrong with doing this on a school evening.  We need to get out more and this would be a great way to connect as a family.

What are your goals and aims for the summer?