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DIY Puffy Paint

Super Sensory Book Tour – DIY Puffy Paint

I am delighted to be sharing with you an introduction to Nurturestore’s new book Super Sensory Invitations to Play.  I have known Cathy pretty much since I started blogging and she is a fabulous educator, creative mama and also a real inspiration. We are sharing with you today just one of the 52 activities in the book – DIY Puffy Paint

DIY Puffy Paint

Puffy paint is a real blast from my past.  I remember using a hair dryer to make it expand, but this recipe is perfectly safe for kids of all ages (as long as they are past the eating stage) and is puffy straight away.

DIY Puffy Paint

DIY Puffy Paint


Teacup of shaving foam
Quarter teacup of PVA/White school Glue
Quarter Teacup of plain/all purpose flour
Food colouring


Cookie and Cupcake decorating set – UK Link/US Link


First of all we mixed our first three ingredients together and then decanted them into smaller pots and then added the gel food colour to it. The puffy paint is perfectly safe to handle and is a sensory delight, sort of spongy, slimy, squishy, stodgey and soggy at the same time (we were trying to see how many s words we could come up with for it)!

DIY Puffy Paint

We decided to use our piping nozzles and make some process art.  However you could use spatulas, paintbrushes, sticks or even your fingers to play with the puffy paint.  We found that once we had combined the food colouring with the paint mixture that it did not stain our hands , but don’t trust me on that as you might use a different brand of food colouring.

DIY Puffy Paint

My boys loved making symetrical prints of their designs.

DIY Puffy Paint

Butterflies were the order of the day!

DIY Puffy paint facebook

Super Sensory Invitations to Play

I have one child that craves tactile sensory play (Mini) and one that is hypersensitive to touch and really doesn’t like getting messy (Maxi), but loves smell and taste activities and the great thing about Super Sensory Invitations to Play is it has something for every child and best of all you know that each activity has been thoroughly tested.


Super Sensory Invitations to Play is a delightful resource that encourages your children to explore the five senses throughout the year, using a wide variety of sensory materials. It includes 52 invitations to play, linked to the festivals and seasons of the year, and including water, ice, dough, rice, paints, sand, sensory tubs, and more. They are easy, simple, and fun ideas that you can use right now to give a multi-sensory boost to your play and learning. It comes with a printable recipe book featuring all  recipes for play.  The ebook costs $14.99.


DIY Puffy Paint

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