Super Sticky Post-It Notes 1

You can not have failed to notice that I have been working with Post-It Super Sticky notes lately.  We used them to list all our summer activities and have had fun making minecraft art with them too.  Well they currently are covering a London Taxi with super sticky notes created by Post-it Facebook fan sto prove just how sticky they are.

post it 3

The cab will also stop during the tour to invite members of the public to pull a Super Sticky Note off, revealing one of six prizes winners throughout the day. One lucky Facebook fan will even walk away with a fantastic family holiday worth £1000!

Want to get in on the action? Simply visit and enter your details before midnight on Tuesday 16 July.





One thought on “Super Sticky Post-It Notes

  • Cary P. Mendoza

    The bright colors of these post-its are perfect for using in an office setting – their slightly different hues grab the attention of fellow workers insuring my notes are noticed. Also are perfect for wire-framing or storyboarding. I would not however call these “super sticky” they stick well but if re-positioned they peel around the corners a bit. If looking for a sticky note with more sticky power – I’d look for the all-over sticky notes where the entire back of the note is sticks to a surface.

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