How to support the RSPCA as they give dogs a second chance this Christmas

The RSPCA do an incredible job of rescuing dogs, as well as other pets, with 245,590 animals being collected and rescued by the hard-working RSPCA last year. However, they need continual help and support, especially at Christmas time. Here’s how you can help:


Adopt a pet

You too can rescue dogs this Christmas by adopting and re-homing them. However, dogs aren’t just for Christmas, they need a home for life and adopting a pet can be a life changing decision and not one to take lightly. There are many wonderful benefits to owning a pet such as companionship and the opportunity to do more exercise but you must make sure you have the ability to offer them something back – unconditional love, a warm and safe home, food and security.

How to go about it?

If you feel you have what it takes to adopt a pet, go and visit your local RSPCA rather than a pet shop. This way you will give an animal a home that really needs it. The RSPCA give each dog a behavioural assessment and health check. They also treat every dog as an individual, giving each one a unique caring experience.

They also go through a matchmaking process for every adoption; making sure the dog is right for the owner as much as the owner is right for the dog. Before adoption takes place, the prospective owner will have to fill in a questionnaire, have an interview and be given a home check. RSPCA inspectors will also visit the dog after adoption to make sure it’s settling in well and that there are no problems.

The number of people being convicted of animal cruelty is rising in the UK and it’s important that you do your bit to tackle this head-on.


Sponsor a pet

If you don’t feel that re-homing a pet is quite right for you, you can still support the RSCPA this Christmas by sponsoring a pet. Unfortunately, more and more pets in the UK are victims of cruelty Christmas is no exception. But you can help.

For just £6.50 a month you can help distressed animals be fed, sheltered and loved. As well as giving a dog a second chance you will also receive a welcome pack which includes a personal certificate, car stickers and a sponsorship guide. You will also get regular updates about the animals you’re helping to keep safe and you’ll get invitations to visit the branches you’re sponsoring and meet other RSPCA sponsors.

The packs and information you’re sent is always written in simple language which makes it great for kids too so why not sponsor a pet on your child’s behalf? It’s a great way to help animals, teach your children about charity and responsibility and even placate their desire to bring a pet into the home.

Give a dog a second chance this Christmas – it might just be the best family decision you make