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Swine Flu

Today has been one of those days, we had a fab day yesterday and I put the boys temperatures down to the fact they had been running around in a soft play area for hours and it was warm and humid – well no. It looks like the mini’s have swine flu.
Both have the following symptoms
  • Temperatures
  • Nasty coughs
  • Sore throats
  • Ear ache
  • Diarrhoea
  • runny noses
  • Lack of appetite
And MaxiMad also has the chills. Now I am not a neurotic mother, but it’s the not knowing that is the hard part. What if it isn’t swine flu and it is just a nasty virus and I give them the anti-virals and they get swine flu later in the year. With the UK government no longer confirming suspected cases I am possibly never going to know the answer to this.
Will they still need to have a swine flu jab in September, that is if they are giving children them when they go back to school.
The thought of me being able to get the medication via a call centre and a non-medically trained telephonist is really worrying, as they can not answer any of these questions for me and it is the weekend and our GP’s are closed until Monday. They also advise you not to use the out of hours service unless the children get any worse.
So what am I going to do? Well we are going to collect the tami-flu in the morning from the one designated collection point in the whole of the county and that is only open for 9am to 6pm and then we will have a long and hard think about things.
We will see how the boys make it through the night, they are both tucked up in bed asleep and have had calpol and neurofen too.
I have hot water bottles at the ready for ear ache and forehead cold pads for temperatures. I have stocked up on enticing food, smoothies, fresh fruit and fruit juice to try and tempt them to eat and keep on drinking. I have got 3 new DVD’s that they haven’t seen, we also have a couple of new books and a cbeebies Magazine and best of all it is the weekend and therefore, MadDad is home and we can tag team the boys.
So please keep your fingers crossed for a marked improvement of symptoms overnight.

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