Swine Flue and not taking the tamiflu

It has been a long night and a hard day with the minimads, who are still suffering and them being such kind and sharing soules are sharing their pain with me and MadDad.
We sent the night ministering to the boys, wiping their very hot heads, stroking backs and providing drinks to two very unwell boys. This morning has been better, well it is better once they have the calpol and nerofen in their system, as soon as it starts to wear off then they get very groucy.
Having spoke to our wonderful neighbour who is also a GP with four boys under 8 and one of them with CF, we have decided not to give the boys the tamiflu. We were heading along that route anyway and he just confirmed our findings on the side effects and also what freinds whose children have had the tablets have said.
So we are just going to treat this as a nasty virus and keep an eye on them both.