Summer Manifesto 2013 2

Summer Manifesto 2013

Continue to find time for the things I enjoy whilst the boys are off school – sewing etc. I am going to try some english paper piecing as it is portable so I can do it if we are at the park etc.
Make a family summer bucket list.
Practice my crochet. After over two years of trying I think I might have cracked it! I made a coaster!
Menu plan – Menu planning save me money, time, effort and makes us all happier. This is something that has slipped recently, so I am going to endeavor to do this weekly.
Declutter. Both the boys want their bedrooms changing round, so I’m going to do a boot sale and also clear the garage over the summer (yes, really!).
Go camping with the boys .
Realise that we do not have to have a strict summer schedule to enjoy the summer. I want the boys to get board and learn to make their own entertainment.
To turn off more. Less electronic time, more family time.
Have a family picnic once a week. There is nothing wrong with doing this on a school evening. We need to get out more and this would be a great way to connect as a family.
What are your goals and aims for the summer?