B Organic Soothing Balm

I recently wrote a post about my boys having Eczema and what products we use. I have to admit that we were introduced to B Organic via twitter and that they asent us a jar of their organis soothing balm (£13) to try.

We like: It works! I guess that is high priase in itself. it really made a masive different to Maxi’s ezema which is in his creases and in small patches over his body. The balm is a thick substance so it creates a protective fim over the skin, which means it is great as a barrier cream for when he is swimming, which can cause flare ups. I love that the products are Paraben-free, Ethoxylate-free, Propylene Glycol-free, Silicone-free, DEA-free and artificial colour-free.
We wernt keen: As it is quite thick it means th

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