Why Do Babies Love Mobiles?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed a little when it comes to the sheer selection of baby products that are available on the market, both before and after the birth of your little one. Trying to decipher the difference between essential items and things that would be frivolous spends is a challenge in itself, never mind making the choices when it comes to colours, themes or designs. Creating the nursery space is part of the fun of having a baby and whether you want it ready for their arrival or you’re happy to do it after the birth, making sure that all the right bits and pieces are in their place for […]

Let me introduce you to my Great God Daughter 13

My wonderful God Daughter, well she is the boys God Sister, her mum and dad are the boys Godparents and I was their bridesmaid (are you confused yet?) had a little baby girl on 27 October 2010. Now due to the fact that she ended up with a c-section and then it was far too snowy to travel and then with mum dying and her great grandma dying too, I haven’t had the chance to meet her until this week. So let me introduce you to the adorable Megan Alice……. There is something so comforting in holding a new life after losing someone close.  You can see all their potential and […]