Toddler Bedrooms: Ultimate Essentials

Making the progression from nursery to fun-filled toddler bedroom can be a difficult process; ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible can be a real chore, especially when it’s blanketed with efforts to keep your child in their toddler bed throughout the night! While many may choose to continue with the décor and layout that they already have, others use the toddler years as an excuse to update the bedroom so that it’s a little more grownup. It could mean a change of furniture, a lick of paint or addition of toys that may usually live elsewhere. Combine that with some new bedding, a few new onesies and some accessories […]

Keeping Technology out of Kids bedrooms

I really struggle with sleep.  I seem to have been an insomniac all my life!  When I was a baby and child it was unusual for me to sleep more than four hours a night and it used to really get my parents down. This has continued in to my adult life and I have struggled with insomnia on and off for years. One of the ways that we try to control my insomnia is to ensure that the bedroom is a sanctuary and that w e do not have technology in that space.  It is for beds and other furniture.   I was really impressed with the beds available at  The […]

Stay wonky 2

It is there to remind me I need to switch off the electronics and join in. It also echo’s things that we find important as a family, such as speaking out and being honorable. But even better, it says it is OK to stay wonky and this is something I have and always will be!
It looks perfect next to my family carving from South Africa and the brilliant drawing of Maxi and Mini baking, which Suzie drew.

Spring cleaning in the bedroom 1

The weather this time of the year is pretty changeable, but we tend to change over our winter duvets and clean and store them and replace them with our spring/summer weight ones. I also pop an extra blanket or throw on the beds for when the nights are really cold and to help the transition from winter bedding to lighter weight bedding. Now is also the time to review the state of your bedding. Perhaps your duvet or pillows are starting to show their age and it would be more economical to replace them rather than clean them. So search online for Duvet and pillow warehouse promotional code and see if you can find vouchers that make the cost less expensive.

My local laundrette offers duvet and pillow cleaning and it is much less expensive than the local dry cleaners. It only takes a couple of days and the duvet comes back all ready for me to store in the airing cupboard. By having getting it done as soon as I swap it means that it is ready to go back on and I do not have to worry. I do this for our super king sized duvet cover.

The boys single duvets are OK to go in our washer, however, I need to wait for a blowy day, so they can be line dried.

Spring cleaning shores:

Hoover the ceiling to remove any cobwebs
Swap bed linen
Clean the curtains (mine go in the wash and on the line)
Clean the inside of the windows, first wiping down the frames (I use a solution of vinegar and water for this)
Wipe down the doors, light switches and skirting boards
Clean any pictures, both the glass and the tops of the frames
Clean on top of doors and the door frame
Vacuum under the bed, chest of drawers, bedside cabinet and dressing table
Regular cleaning

Due to the fact that I am removing cobwebs etc, I may make more dust, so I also do my regular cleaning in the bedroom too.

Polish furniture
Clean all mirrors (we have mirrored wardrobe doors)
Dust light fittings and clocks
Empty the bin

Mini’s bedroom, how to change without redecorating 6

Mini was in the smallest room upstairs, but with him getting older, we wanted to give him a larger room, especially as he had asked for a desk, but we didn’t want to decorate or go to much expense. Now Mini is obsessed with London, all things to do with our nations capital. So he wanted a London themes and with the Olympics coming this year, we thought it was the perfect time to update is things.