broken arm

Bean juice, slips and snaps 24

went arse over tit, in slow motion and put my left arm out to try and stop myself my catching on to the counter top, but instead of stopping me falling it just went crack instead. So off to A&E in an ambulance I went. Gas and Air did nothing and the poor paramedics couldn’t get a vein to administer any pain relief. Drew arranged for the boys to go to his parents and followed behind. Once at the hospital I mad some morphine and then x-rays and yep, my arm is broken. but……………… in typical Jen fashion (I do not do anything by half) it is a lateral fracture of the bone as it goes in to the shoulder, so it can not be potted.

So I am in a sling and in a lot of pain. We are hoping that the bone knits well on its own in 3 to 4 weeks and then I a