Laser Surgery – The Small Stuff 10

Not wishing that my glasses had windscreen wipers in the rain
Being able to see my eyes more clearly and therefore, the bags underneath them.
The joy of trying to find sunglasses in the winter and those sunglasses not having to be special prescription ones.
Knowing that I will not have to wear bifocals or varifocals
My glasses not steaming up when I open the oven door
Not having to remove my glasses at the hairdressers, which means I can see my hair being cut
Being able to straighten my hair without having to remove my specs and being able to see myself in the mirror and therefore, not burning my ear all the time.
Being able to go on roller coasters without worrying I will lose my glasses.
Not falling asleep in specs and waking up with them bent as I have been laid on them.
No more costs associated with new glasses each year and the horror of finding frames that suit me.
Did I say that swimming is fun again……
So would I do it again? Yes I would. I am still having a few issues with dry eyes and night time halos round lights when driving, but that is getting better and better each week.