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Seasonal Saviours: Essential Fashion Pieces for Every Climate

Fashion is a fascinating realm where style and function often intertwine. One of the most essential aspects of building a versatile wardrobe lies in selecting pieces that seamlessly transition across seasons and climates. Navigating the unpredictable whims of weather doesn’t mean you need an extensive closet; savvy choices can keep you fashionable year-round. Here, we […]

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Five Essential Pieces for a Summer City Break

Five Essential Pieces for a Summer City Break

When it comes to summer we don’t all want to rush to the beach for a lazy fortnight in the sun. Some of us prefer to explore the sights and sounds of new cities across the world. City breaks offer shopping, museums, arts and culture as well as fantastic new cuisine to discover. These days with budget airlines it’s often a good idea to pack as little as possible so that you can carry on your luggage. A few key pieces will see you through your break in style, whether you’re pounding the pavements exploring the sights or enjoying a night out in style.

Linen Blend Shorts
It’s good news for those of us who prefer not to reveal too much leg that this year, longer shorts are on trend. A great pair of shorts is your ideal partner for a summer city break. They’re comfortable and cool and look ideal paired with relaxed jersey T-shirts. Bonmarché’s Linen Blend Shorts [link to –
] are a longer length style available in a selection of colours. With a drawstring waist they’re comfortable as well as classic so a good choice for your flight too.

Monochrome Print Jersey Maxi Dress
Sometimes you want to feel feminine or just that little bit glamorous. The fabulous maxi dress is a real winner here. In relaxed jersey fabric they are easy to dress up or down for whatever your break brings. For daytime wear pair yours with a smart pair of plimsolls and a fine knit cardigan to keep out any sign of a chill. For evenings simply add a little touch of bling from your jewellery box and pretty sandals and you’re ready for a meal out in style. The Monochrome Print Jersey Maxi Dress by Bonmarché is a good choice and in neutral monochrome it’s easy to add a splash of colour in your accessories if you feel like it.

Stretch Cotton Capri Trousers
Cropped trousers are a key length for the season and they’re effortlessly chic too. To take you comfortably from day to night Bonmarché’s Stretch Cotton Capri Trousers are a great option. Capri’s can be paired with flats and a simple jersey T-shirt for a chic daytime look that is perfect for touring museums and art galleries. For evening just switch pumps for heels and a blouse and you have a new look in an instant.

Embroidered and Beaded Scoop Neck T-Shirt Jersey T-shirts are an all-time classic for any situation. They’re flattering on every figure, comfortable and, even better, easy to pack. If you like clothing with a little more detail then choose something with a pattern or embroidery such as a the Embroidered and Beaded Scoop Neck T-Shirt by Bonmarché. Take a selection along on your city break and you can’t go far wrong.

Sleeveless Frill Front Blouse
Most city breaks offer the chance of a night on the tiles or two whether it’s enjoying an opera or dining out at an elegant restaurant. A blouse is lightweight to pack but adds a touch of glamour in an instant. Choose something that flatters your figure to have you oozing with confidence. A blouse with a detail in the centre is a failsafe way to bring attention to the middle of your body and in so doing create the illusion of a slimmer you. Try the Sleeveless Frill Front Blouse by Bonmarché with its pretty ruffle front. It’s perfect to pair with a delicate knit cardigan or fitted jacket if the evenings are cooler. Try with the Capri Trousers for a practical yet chic look and for added glamour add a chunky bracelet.

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Stay cool in long-sleeved cotton

In many countries, the heat of the midday sun can be uncomfortable, and it’s certainly not good for your skin to be exposed to the sun in that way. If you’re heading out in hot weather, then it’s fine to wear a strappy top, or summer dress, but roll up a simple cotton shirt and cotton trader’s womens linen trousers in your bag so that when you need to, you can pull it out and give your skin some added protection. You’ll still need sunblock, as the sun’s rays will penetrate the cotton covering, but it does reduce the exposure and help you to stay a little cooler.

The other key time when a long-sleeved shirt comes in useful is as the evenings get chillier. In many holiday destinations, very warm days are followed by much colder nights and as the sun fades for the day, you may find that you need an extra layer just to keep the chill at bay. A long-sleeved cotton shirt is perfect for this, as you can layer it over whatever you’re wearing and either button it up or tie it at the front to keep stylish and comfortable at the same time.

This piece of clothing is a great holiday staple, and doesn’t have to be expensive in order to do the job. A pure white, 100% cotton shirt looks stylish at any time, and you can mix and match it with most of your wardrobe to great effect. Or, choose something more colourful or patterned, so that even when you’re covering up, you’re still wearing those key summer colours, bringing warmth and style to the room.

You could be preparing for a holiday or just planning ahead for the summer – now is a great time to buy a long-sleeved cotton shirt for this season. Retailers on the high street and online have a real variety of shirts in their spring/summer collections, so you should be able to find something that suits your style and your budget – helping you to stay cool in the hottest of climates.

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