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Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Celebrities have some of the most amazing (and most expensive) homes in the world. With stunning water features, landscape gardens and unique features from the best designers, celebrity homes are often considered showpieces rather than traditional homes.

While we all desire a celebrity style home packed with luxuries, our budgets rarely stretch that far – yet it is possible to achieve celebrity styling on a much tighter budget.

Inspiration everywhere

Whether you want the kitchen of a famous film star or the bedroom of a singing sensation, celebrity style is achievable in every home. Before you can create your own luxury home you must first find your celebrity inspiration – and there are plenty of viable options.

Ryan Seacrest: Beverly Hills

The pending sales price of $37 million is more than sufficient reason to include Seacrest’s Beverly Hills home on this list, with plenty of style inspiration found once inside the door. Floor to ceiling windows ensure there is plenty of natural light, creating an airy feel which large windows and clever use of mirrors could achieve in your home.

Katy Perry: Hollywood Boulevard

Purchased for a cool $6.5 million, Katy Perry’s Hollywood mansion is full of style inspiration. The interior design takes on a regal and traditional vibe which can be recreated in your own homes, providing you have adequate space to do so.

Justin Bieber: Los Angeles

With a list price of $6 million, Justin Bieber proves youngsters are just as interested in property as adults. Hoping to get his hands on this fantastic LA property, strong attractions include a good use of natural features, such as ceiling beams, which prove how enhancing the original characteristics of your home can give it a more luxurious feel.

Leonardo Di Caprio: Los Angeles

With a purchase price of around $4 million, Di Caprio’s LA home is a great example of superior style. Whilst you may not be able to include the tennis courts affixed to this property in your own home, you may be able to compromise with your own home gym.

Jennifer Aniston: Bel Air

With her Bel Air estate costing in the region of $20 million, it is hardly surprising that Jennifer Aniston made it onto our list. Lighting is used to fantastic effect on this property with internal and external spotlights showing just how big an impact such a small design feature can have when used correctly.

High quality at low prices

It is often possible to find similar items to those in celebrity homes at a fraction of the cost; replicating the environment enjoyed by the rich and famous without breaking the bank.

When it comes to stylish bespoke kitchens and bedrooms, Betta Living has a wide range of options and talented designers to help make your perfect room a reality. Bringing a breadth of experience and stylish flair to every project, their designers will have some great ideas to bring a touch of celeb style to your home – whatever your budget.

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