Tracks of my years

So last week I talked about the piece of music we used for mums funeral, this week I have decided to talk about Dad’s funeral.

My father died suddenly in November 2000 from an industrial accident. Due to injuries he occurred in the accident he had to be kept in a medical come (sedated and paralyzed) for 3 weeks before he turned septic just as the doctors thought he was improving. Over those three weeks, my mum stayed at the hospital and I visited him everyday (MadDad and I came back from Berkshire when mum rang the morning after his accident). I read to him, we played songs to him and most of all we talked to him and I told him everyday how much I loved him. As a family we made the decision to remove any life support on November 6 2000 and within a minute he was pronounced dead. He was 54 years old.

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