Books by the Bedside – a meme 11

I love books, we have them everywhere all round the house. But often my most thumbed books end up beside my bed. The ones that I dip in and out of for inspiration, enlightenment and sometimes my general well being. These are the books that make me happy each and every day and night.

So it got me wondering if this was the same for the rest of you and decided being the nosy person I am , I would love to know what books you keep by your bedside

Tracks of my years meme 5

I started this blog as a record of my time with the Minimads. When started I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be with them and I wanted to leave them with an online journal of my thoughts, the things we were doing and a small window on my life. My blog has evolved over the years, as have I. I am no longer so scared that I am going to die, but I do still want the blog to be a window to my soul and give them a small insight in to the person who they call mummy.

The Fridge of a Mad Parent Meme 15

Sally has tagged me in the Fridge of a bad parent meme, eeeek….., but the good news is I am not alone, Pippa, Vic and Emma have to do it too (insert evil cackle)

I have to say that Sally’s fridge looked rather fuller than I have seen it in the past and I am hoping that there is still bear in it when we go and visit next week. My fridge is chockablock with food, although that is due to the fact that I managed to go shopping with the minimads yesterday evening.

How do you perceive me? the one word Meme 28

Michelle from Mummy from the Heart has tagged me in her one word meme  “how do you perceive me?”  I have thought long and hard about doing this over the weekend, as I am not one who looks for other people to validate my opinions of myself, much less the online and mummy blogging community.  Reading that back it might sound a little harsh, but it isn’t meant too, it is just the fact that I place a lot of value on the people who know me opinion and I have also had a recent experience of someone commenting on my blog, who felt that I came across as a blagger, […]