Popsicle Stick Harmonica or a lolly stick harmonica 18

Your kids will love making music with this simple DIY Popsicle Stick Harmonica.  They are so easy to make.   Fab has sent us lots of lolly sticks to make into fun and creative designs, so we decided to have a go at making a lolly stick harmonica or a popsicle stick harmonica (depended on where in the world you are reading from)! These were so simple to make, but we have had hours experimenting with what sounds we can make and the boys with all their friends have made a band!

What age is the right age to go to your first live concert?

MadDad and I are avid music fans. Both of us love live music and have been to countless concerts and festivals. All of these have been BC (before children) and we have been thinking about when is the best time to take a child to their first live concert. I am not talking about talking a baby or toddler to a festival, but going and sitting though a live music concert.

Both the boys have seen The Wiggles live, but I am not sure that compares to a live concert. For a start the volume is a lot lower, designed to protect children’s vulnerable ears when a show is specifically designed for them and also the concert venue is filled with other children, so you know that attendees will not mind other children possibly screaming or crying.

The boys were 5 and 6 when we took them to their first proper concert we took the boys to was Glee Live at the O2. However, we were lucky enough to be able to watch the show from a private box with food and refreshments, so they boys did not need to stay in their seats. This was a brilliant introduction to live music, as we had the CD’s so they knew all of the songs and happily sung and danced along. Concerts also tend to happen after the boys bedtime and Glee was no exception, but being in a private box they had room to fall asleep and we could carry them.

Considerations to make

How long is the concert? Can your child sit though that length of time
Remember to factoring the travel time either side of the concert. My friend Cass at Frugal Family went to an Olly Murs concert this week and they didn’t get out of the car park till 10ish and Master Frugal actually fell asleep during the concert.
Does the artist have a matinee. One Direction often so, as there target market is tweens and teens.
Is the band Child friendly – remember lyrics are not censored when live! Use your common sense.I know that Rihanna would not be appropriate for the boys, not only language wise, but mannerism and dress wise, Although you can click here for Rihanna tickets, as I know that she is great live!
Talk values. Explain that you love the music, but do wish that the band wouldn’t swear and that often the flamboyance is put on for the stage. Your child needs to be mature enough to understand the difference.
When you do go

Make sure you agree a meet up point in case you lose each other
Protect your child’s ears. You can not reverse hearing damage
Talk about what they can expect to see at a concert and how busy it will be.
Be prepared for obscenities and have a response ready for if your child questions the use of swear words.
Have fun and relax.

Tracks of my years, the Karaoke edition 6

I was tagged by Carol at Dance without sleeping to show you my karaoke edition.  Now the thing is I don’t have a karaoke song.  I have never sang a song in public and am not sure I am going to start now! Not only would I burst a few ear drums (even the boys ask me to stop singing in the car), but I would be far to embarrassed, as I am very very shy.  Yes, I know that is hard to believe but it is true. However, I do sing at home where no one can hear me apart from the stray cats who often join in my wailing. […]

Tracks of my years 2

This week I thought I would tell you about my song for Mini, as I already told you about Maxi’s. I had a difficult pregnancy with my number two child as I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum through out it (just like with Maxi) and MadDad had to give me thrice daily injections to try and reduce the sickness, however this was compounded with a relocation 350 miles back to our native North East whilst 6 months pregnant and looking after Maxi (who was only 15 months when Mini was born). So I spent a lot of time sleeping when Maxi was sleeping or being sick when I wasn’t asleep!

Tracks of my years 9

So last week I talked about the piece of music we used for mums funeral, this week I have decided to talk about Dad’s funeral.

My father died suddenly in November 2000 from an industrial accident. Due to injuries he occurred in the accident he had to be kept in a medical come (sedated and paralyzed) for 3 weeks before he turned septic just as the doctors thought he was improving. Over those three weeks, my mum stayed at the hospital and I visited him everyday (MadDad and I came back from Berkshire when mum rang the morning after his accident). I read to him, we played songs to him and most of all we talked to him and I told him everyday how much I loved him. As a family we made the decision to remove any life support on November 6 2000 and within a minute he was pronounced dead. He was 54 years old.