Stocking filler ideas

  Now that Halloween is out of the way, I am turning my attention to Christmas. Yes, yes, I know there’s still the best part of two months to go but you can never be too prepared. Plus, with my two boys, I need to grab every single shopping opportunity I can get! Are there any other parents out there who find it’s the little things that make the difference at Christmas? Thankfully, my boys are past the stage where the packaging is more appealing than the present, but last year I found that they were more interested in the yo-yo they got in a Christmas cracker, than the heaps of […]

Stockings, not on your life, I had a pillow case 6

rowing up, I never had a stocking, oh no I had a pillowcase that we could hang downstairs for Father Christmas to leave our gifts in. Yes all our gifts pretty much fitted in to a pillowcase, except for the large ones, like my Sindy house (which was pre loved and already assembled and covered in a bed sheet. This was something that carried on for me until Maxi was born when I made a Christmas Stocking for him and the following year when I made one for Mini too