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Win a Bunk Bed Buddy Around the World Limited Edition 4

We have a bunk bed buddy in natural finish in Mini’s room for his mid sleeper bed and it has been a real revelation for him.  Like all tidy books products, it is superbly well built and designed and the buddy is very lightweight, but perfect solid and strong at the same time.  We live in a new house and the walls are made of plaster board so we have to be careful of what we put up, but this went up in seconds with the addition of some plasterboard screws and if you have brick walls then the appropriate fixings already come with the kit. It is W53cm x H33cm x D13cm and comes already preassembled, so all you have to do is […]

Win a Tidybooks Bookcase 60

We love books in the Mad House and I have blogged before about encouraging reading in boys and so when we were offered the chance to review a Tidybooks bookcase I was intregied to see how it would fit in to our home.

First Impressions:
The Tidybooks bookcase is self assembly, but it is so well designed that even the boys could help. No small tacks to hammer in the back, everything was fastened with an allen key and it was super fast to put together. MadDad and Mini managed to do it in about 30 minutes and without the help of little hands I am sure that he could do it a lot faster. I was also suprised at how tall the bookcase is (it is taller than Mini at 115cm).

We like:
I love the fact that this bookcase is very slim in depth and is designed so children