Take Care of your Children’s Teeth

A child’s life is full of firsts. So why not make the most of each and every one of them? Make a seemingly mundane occasion slightly more ceremonial with some added excitement. Such an approach can often encourage a child to engage in a task or tackle a daunting chore a little more willingly.


Adopt this attitude when approaching such events as a visit to the dentist. Remove the dread of the dentist’s chair and encourage a healthy and eager attitude in your child towards their own dental care. From the formation of your child’s first tooth to an inaugural trip to the dentist, a regular teeth-cleaning routine will stand your offspring in good stead.

You can encourage your child to feel comfortable with a toothbrush from a very early age. Bath time provides the perfect opportunity for brushing your baby’s gums with a soft bristled brush. Allowing babies to gum the brush promotes active participation in the task and can offer some relief for teething tots. Gently care for new teeth and tender gums with an age appropriate baby brush.

Use fluoride toothpaste on your child’s first milk teeth. This type of paste helps to prevent and control tooth decay by targeting the build-up of plaque. Children under the age of two can use a smear of toddler friendly toothpaste whereas for older children encourage teeth-cleaning with a pea-sized amount of paste. Don’t allow your children to simply suck or swallow the paste off of the brush or out of the tube.

Many children will require help and supervision when they’re cleaning their teeth way beyond the toddler years. Encourage consistent and thorough cleaning by demonstrating the correct way to brush teeth for the appropriate length of time. Even when a child demonstrates teeth-cleaning competence, check up on their technique periodically to ensure consistency.

Make teeth-cleaning as fun as possible with toothbrushes that feature favourite colours or characters. Pick an Oral B electric toothbrush with a Power Ranger or Disney Princess to encourage enthusiasm and promote playfulness.

Demystify the dentist’s surgery by making your child feel comfortable visiting the clinic. Take your child with you to your own appointments to encourage familiarity and dispel any fear or anxiety. Register your child from an early age and carry-out consistent check-ups. Ensuring your child feels comfortable visiting the dentist and encouraging adherence to an oral hygiene routine will promote a healthy attitude to oral health care well into adulthood.