tassimo, how a coffee machine has revolutionised our lives (no exaggeration) 1


I never thought that a coffee machine would make such a difference to our home.  I am not a coffee drinker, but MadDad loves a good coffee and it is his affordable luxury in life. So when offered a Tassimo machine I thought it would be something that he would really appreciate.  I was right, he is really impressed with the quality of coffee.  The only time I drink coffee is in the lead up to Christmas when I add Baileys, so I decided to add some and yum, very nice grown up coffee.

But the thing that has been most wonderful and completely unintentional is the freedom the Tassimo machine has brought to Maxi and our morning routine.  Maxi has always been an early riser and he loves to have a hot chocolate on a morning, but at 8 I feel that he is too young to operate a kettle, so one of us has to make him one.  The Tassimo machine means that Maxi can make chocolate for both him and Mini.   I love instilling independence in children and Tassimo has certainly revolutionised our mornings.  They are calmer, more relaxing and we get a little longer in bed!

Over the the summer we have had iced Tassimo drinks including iced coffee and iced chocolate milk, which have been real treats for me and the boys and Maddad has been working his way through all the different blends of coffee.

Pro’s of a tassimo machine

  • Good quality coffee in a short time
  • Ability for children to use the machine
  • Cost per cup is not too expensive
  • Variety of drinks available
  • The fact it feels like an affordable luxury
  • That is can be used for more than just coffee and makes really nice hot chocolate

Con’s of a tassimo machine

  • It is another kitchen gadget to take up workspace
  • The tea from the machine is not very nice
  • Storage of the t disks, both the new ones and also the ones waiting to be recycled

Recycling the T disks

We are keen recyclers in The Mad House, so it is important that we just do not put the T discs in the bin, so are using the  Terracycle scheme.  We collect our used T discs and once we have a good box full we print off a label and send the disks to be recycled.  We have nominated a preferred charity to receive donations.