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Tea Cup Candles

Well I have been busy preparing for Christmas, we like to give homemade and  handcrafted presents and this year at TheMadHouse we are a little strapped for cash due to illness and other issues, so I am trying to make it a Thrifty Christmas.
I have been collecting pretty tea cups, saucers and tea plates from charity shops since the summer to turn them into tea cup candles for Mini and Maxi Mads teachers, teaching assistants and also the lovely ladies that run the toddler group we attend.
So  I thought I would do a quick tutorial and let you know just how easy and child friendly this is to do with the introduction of eco soy wax.
Eco Wax is wonderful, not only is it environmentally friendly made from 100% soy beans, it is clean burning and melts at a lower temperature, making it super easy and perfect for the craft enthusiast or first timer like MaxiMad and me.
What you need:
Tea cups of other containers
Wicks (I used premade voltive ones)
EcoSoy Container Wax
Scented Oils (I used Jasmine)
A microwaveable jug
I got the wax, wicks and fragrance from Debbie at Whicks n Whacks.  She is very reasonably priced especially when you take into account postage etc.
We started by washing the cups in hot water and drying them thoroughly (actually I popped them in the dishwasher),  we then melted a small amount of wax in our hands and popped a tiny amount on the bottom of the pre waxed wick and placed them in the centre of the tea cups.
We then melted some wax in the microwave just until it had all turned liquid and added 10% of the volume of fragrance to it.
Then I poured the wax into the cups and allowed to set.
It was as easy as making a cup of tea.  But the most wonderful art of this is that Eco-Soy wax is washable with soap and water, so you can wash the tea cups out and reuse them.  Any spills you make will also wipe away really easily. 
In fact I had collected so many cups and saucers we care going to have some left over, so if you are intested in buying one, please email me.
All I need to do now is to make some labels for them on luggage tags, with the details of the Eco Wax and reusability of the tea cups.

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