Teach Your Child Ukulele – The Parents Guide

The Parents Guide to Teach Your Child Ukulele is a paid collaborative post with Musician Authority which is a fab website that was set up to help people learn musical instruments. One of the most popular instruments to learn at the moment is the Ukelele, which is why I put together this parents guide to teaching your child ukulele.

Teach Your Child Ukulele – The Parents Guide

Teach Your Child Ukulele

The ukulele is easier to learn than the guitar and other stringed instruments. It has soft nylon strings are gentler on the fingertips which is important when it comes to teaching children. It only has four strings, which makes chord shapes and scales easier to learn and it is the perfect size for children.

What age can children start playing ukulele?

Generally, six is a good age to start learning the ukulele, however, some children start from the age of three. Personally I think that when it comes to learning, you know your child best and it depends on the individual kid especially when it comes to teaching your child ukulele.

What is a good starter child’s ukulele?

If you haven’t chosen an instrument yet, you might want to start on a soprano uke.  Soprano ukes are the smallest size of ukulele, the other sizes being concert, tenor and baritone. Music teachers often recommend this one from Kala. They are built well, reasonably priced and have a good sound.

The parents guide to teaching your child ukulele - our tip tips on how to teach your child to play a musical instrument and why the ukulele is a fab choice.

What are the basic skills needed?

You can start teaching your kids at home, so start with the basic skills.

  1. Learn the anatomy of your instrument. If you aren’t sure about the parts here is a good article and diagram on what is what.
  2. Learn how to hold the ukulele.
  3. Tuning – Knowing how to tune your instrument is pretty essential. Ukulele Tuner is great for that.
  4. Learn the chords
  5. Learn how to strum
  6. Top 12 Four Cord Ukulele songs for beginners.

Perhaps keyboard is more your child’s style – if so they can learn via an app!