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Teacher appreciation gift ideas

Do your kids give their teachers a gift at the end of the year to say thank you for teaching them?  My boys have always made something as a token of their appreciation to their teachers.  At Christmas we are renowned for our thumbprint robin or reindeer mugs, so we like to shake it up a bit each year depending on the sex of their teachers.

kid made teacher app

Teacher appreciation gift ideas


My boys are currently in year 4 and 5 of primary school (age 9 and 10) and have a mix of female and male teachers.  They have a form tutor, but individual teachers for literacy, maths and physical education, in addition to teaching assistants who help out in the class.

wine and chocolate teacher gifts

Wine and chocolate teacher appreciation gifts.  Last year we were short on time, so I created some free printable labels to add to bars of chocolate and bottles of wine ” my child may drive you to drink/chocolate, so here is a bottle/bar on me”.  No teacher has ever turned down a bar of chocolate or a bottle of wine and they were greatly received!

personalised note books

Personalised notebooks.  The mini Mads stamped and personalised notebooks to read Mrs Blanks book of amazing ideas.  They then decorated the covers with stamps and washi tape. This was a really inexpensive but thoughtful gift.

apple fabric bags

Apple printed bags.  We had so much fun fabric printing book bags for the teachers with bright green and red fabric paint.  Due to the fact we already had the paint this was only 99p per teacher for the fabric bag.  This is a great activity for younger children.


Sharpie dyed lavender bags.  So I am going to admit that I did the sewing on this bags, but the fabric dying was all the boys own handiwork and the lavender was harvested from our garden.

dishwasher safe kids fingerprint mugs

Thumbprint porcelain.  Even the youngest of children can mark make with their fingers and you can embellish it with a porcelain pen.  Just make sure you add your childs name and the date on the bottom of the item.

personalised dishwasher safe mugs

These personalised dishwasher safe mugs, yes they are dishwasher safe (MadDad has been using his for six months) are so simple to make.  The boys made these with very little intervention from me. You could do the teachers name or initials.

kids art book marks

These are great to make even with the youngest kids. We recycled the boys art in to bookmarks and they are lovely things to have and gift to nursery teachers as who doesn’t like to read.  Again make sure you add the date and your childs name on the reverse.

kid painted plant pots

These kid painted plant pots are so simple to make and really effective and inexpensive gifts to make. We love giving plants rather than flowers as they last much longer.

I hope you may be inspired by our simple, but thoughtful teacher appreciation gifts and give them a try for your kids teachers.   I know that some classrooms have a collection, but we much prefer to give our own handmade gesture, along with a homemade thank you card.

kid made teacher appreciation gifts

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