Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2013 – personalised note books 8

Each year since the boys started school we have made something for the boys teachers and Teaching Assistants to say thank you for all the hard work they put in to teaching them.  I do not spend a lo, but we do put a lot of thought and effort in to what we make.

personalised note books

This year we decided on personalised notebooks.

note book collage

The notebooks were from the pound shop and the stamps we already have, but you can pick up similar from ebay, just search for 70 piece Alphabet/Number/Symbol Stamping Kit, they are about £10 and brilliant for all sorts of things.

We used washi tape or stick on stamps to hide the smudge marks!

We also bought the two main teachers a brill stamp set from Skull and Cross Buns on Etsy.

teacher stamps



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