Team Skylanders 2

For over a year I had managed to dissuade the boys from Skylanders.  I feared they were just an expensive fad that they would get in to and as we were unable to afford the characters the game would not be able to be fully played with.

The thing is Skylanders didn’t go away and then Skylanders Giants came on the scene and I had two boys who both desperately wanted Skylanders.  So they entered the Tots100 competition to become part of Team Skylanders and were lucky enough to be chosen as one of the ambassadors.

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We were sent a Skylanders Giants starter pack, this came with a console specific game, a portal of power and 1 Giant Skylander ( Tree Rex), two standard figures (Cynder and Jet Vac), 3 trading cards, sticker sheet and a poster.

The premise of Skylkanders is each toy figure, sold separately, is placed on the portal of power to access the character in the game.  You can use the figures across the different 360/Wii/PS3 versions to bring your progress with you when visiting friend. Skylanders Giants introduces new characters, a new adventure and a host of improvements and upgrades.


The good points:

  • The boys do not fight when playing Skylanders together.  Although there is a lot of “battling” in the game, this does not creep out in to real life like it can in some games with the boys.
  • It is a pretty social game.  They can share their figures with friends that also have Skylanders, even if they use a different games platform as the figures are universal.
  • Maxi loves the Mini games.
  • Even if you do not have extra figures you can still play a lot of the game.
  • No more worries about what birthday present to buy as it seems all the children play Skylanders, so a character is a great present.
  • Even I can play it!

The not so good points:

  • It can be hard for an adult to get their head around.  I initially thought that we had to but the other 48 figures to be able to play all the game.
  • It is complicated getting to know which element each figure belongs too (for adults)
  • It could get expensive if you gave in to pester power

2 thoughts on “Team Skylanders

  • snafflesmummmy

    pretty much the same thoughts we had.
    The different characters and elements confused me and we were sat with the poster so that we could look up what element they all were. However, I have now realised that the characters have the picture of their element on their base.

  • Eat Mum

    We have so many of the blighters I’m going mad. My 9 year old talks about them and their powers all the time and I haven’t a clue what he’s on about. I just nod and say “Really?” every now and then!

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